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The most efficient way to access data

Introducing GladeCoin. We have recently developed breakthrough technology to help investors leverage the power of blockchain. The goal of the token is to provide owners a way to easily access our data. By issuing GladeCoin, we are able to efficiently provide the most powerful tools to disrupt the finance industry.


Utilizing the power of blockchain, users will be able to have a decentralized financial analytical platform free from manipulation.


By using GladeCoin, users will be able to have access to our database and take advantage of our software.


Whether you want to spend them on Pharmaceutical Patent Parsing, or use them on our proprietary sales forecasting models, it’s up to you.


Using (DLT) distributed ledger technology, we are able to provide the most secure way to access data.


One of a kind software that will allow users to gain an edge over Wall Street and financial institutions.


SilverGlade is one of the first non-traditional data platforms that will allow users to run high performance analytics from their smartphone or computer.

Benefits of GladeCoin

Holders of GladeCoin will be able to use these tokens to pay for access time to our database. Our database is filled with analytical tools to help you gain an edge on investing.

SilverGlade focuses on non-traditional data. We want to provide individuals and institutions with access to our proprietary data on different functions. Passive investing is slowly taking over the industry, decreasing overall volatility. Allow us to provide the best fit model for your analytics.

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